"The best thing a mom can do for her family is to take care of herself."

  • This is for you . . .

    Every mom-stage and every mom-age, we feel you.

  • and you . . .

    You have unique mom-level daily aches and pains.

  • and you.

    Now, it's you-time. Let's get you some relief.

Introducing . . .

a topical lotion made with you in mind.

The daily aches and pains that come from simply being a mom can wear you down.

The blend of quality ingredients in our lotion have a unique ability to find your deepest muscle pain and quietly, powerfully, wonderfully make it vanish into thin air.

Get It.

All the Awesome.

The Feel

The lotion is light and non-greasy. A little goes a long way, and it's feels smooth and amazing on your skin.

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The Scent

The blend of citrus – lime, orange & grapefruit – is ridiculously awesome. It's so light and pleasant, you won't believe your nose. 

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The Goodness

Calendula (cah-LEN-jula) essential oil extract is wonderful for a variety of skin ailments, including infections, fungus, rashes and wounds. It’s often used to reduce pain and inflammation.

The hemp oil extract replenishs your endocannaboid system that helps regulate daily aches and pains.

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The Background

We are family-owned small business in Lancaster, PA. Our hemp is "single-farm sourced" from a 3rd generation farm rooted in regnerative expertise.

Steve Groff is a expert in soil health and nutrient-density, and that science and long-term dedication is the foundation of all of our products.

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You know your Why.

Now, find your Because.

Relief for Mom-Level Daily Aches & Pains.