About Our Products

"I've tried other products containing CBD. What's makes yours so special?"

Frankly, it's our farm and our soil health practices. 

Cheri's husband Steve Groff is a pioneer in regenerative agriculture, no-till and cover cropping. The way that he farms, the 25-year consistency of his research-based approach, and nutrient-rich make-up his soil . . . frankly, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone else with the credentials and success he has. 

Those are the roots that ultimately make the difference in all of our products. 

Because of the incredible nature of the soil at Cedar Meadow Farm, the produce that Steve grows (tomatoes, squash, pumpkins and more ... sold to Whole Foods, Giant, Blue Apron and Trader Joes) is packed with nutrients. 

. . . AND, the hemp grown in that soil enjoys the same healthy benefits from the cultivated earth.

That means that the hemp oil extract - the primary ingredient assisting in relief of daily aches & pains - is better as a result. 

As we like to say, "better soil, better oil."



We've crafted this product with so much care, thought and intention to be perfect for you. We've developed the base formula with one of the top spa lotion manufacturers, so there's industry-leading expertise in every pump. 

Here is a summary, with more details below.


The blend of citrus - lime, orange & grapefruit - is ridiculously awesome. It's so light and pleasant, you won't believe your nose. 


The lotion is light and non-greasy. A little goes a long way, and it's feels smooth and amazing on your skin.  (Read more below)   


Calendula is not only is the flower beautiful, but it has many benefits as well.

Calendula (cah-LEN-jula) essential oil extract has been used to treat a variety of skin ailments, including infections, fungus, rashes and wounds. It’s often used to reduce pain and inflammation.

Calendula is also a cover crop!  Cover crops are at the heart of our story when it comes to regenerative farming. It's just one of the many cover crops we use to infuse nutrients back into the soil.  


The hemp oil extract in our lotion & salve comes directly from the hemp grown in our nutrient-rich soil. It's single-farm sourced, not derived from multiple farms like other products. 

The hemp oil contains cannabinoids that replenish your endocannaboid system. 





Our lotion isn't meant to prevent or cure any issues, nor would we make any claims that it does. But we have infused it with some essential oils that have been known to provide various benefits for some people. 


There are quite a few benefits of calendula oil, such as protecting the immune system, eliminating pain, soothing inflammation, aiding skin health, speeding healing, preventing chronic disease and preventing premature aging, among others.

Using calendula oil is very popular for people who are struggling with chronic pain, skin irritation, wrinkles, age-related blemishes, wounds, cuts, scrapes, a weak immune system, oxidative stress, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, headaches, and gastrointestinal issues.

If your skin is dry, cracked, inflamed, or infected in any way, applying calendula oil is known to clear up these problems. Inflammatory conditions like acne, eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis affect millions of people, but the powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antioxidant compounds in this oil can soothe that discomfort.

The aging process can take many forms in our body, ranging from our memories to our physical appearance. Fortunately, calendula oil can tackle a number of different issues related to our natural aging. The anti-inflammatory compounds are good for spider veins, varicose veins, arthritis, and other joint disorders, while the antioxidants are able to improve the appearance of our skin and lower our chances of developing chronic disease.

This oil is often used as a topical analgesic and is known to reduce pain from injuries and surgeries, as well as acute pain, headaches, and pain associated with chronic or terminal diseases. The carotenoids and flavonoids found in this oil are particularly linked to topical pain relief.


The antiseptic properties of grapefruit essential oil make it perfect for application on bruises, wounds, cuts, and acne to protect them from microbial infections. 

Grapefruit essential oil can be used topically for sore muscles and is beneficial for treating stiffness and cramps in the muscles and provides a refreshing feeling. This essential oil is also known to reduce stress, stimulate circulation, increase energy, enhance mood, and improve digestion.


The lime essential oil has antiseptic properties, and is known to tone up muscles, tissues, and skin (age spots, anyone?) as well as other various systems that function in the body.

Word of Caution: In very rare cases, this oil can cause photosensitivity if exposed directly to the strong sun after application.


It’s no surprise that this oil — packed with vitamin C — has tons of skin care benefits when applied topically. This oil is found in a variety of beauty products and touts promises to make skin appear brighter, smoother, and clearer.

As for health-based benefits, studies have found that oranges may help treat anxiety and aid in some pain relief.

The bright citrus scent of orange can boost energy and improve mood. There's also research to suggest it can ease anxiety.