About Us

We get you . . . Because we are you. 

We are a multi-family business with MOMS strongly at the helm. 

Cheri Groff is our President. She's critically invested in the direction of our products, and also is hands-on by fulfilling your orders and personally getting them sent directly to you. 

Megan Steinruck, our COO, takes care of all the behind-the-scenes operations of the business, ensuring that the details come together to ensure a smooth and easy experience for you to enjoy your products. 


Cheri's husband Steve is the CEO of Cedar Meadow Farm, the parent brand of Cedar Meadow Mom. Steve not only owns and runs the family farm, but is a leader in the regenerative and soil-health space. He has a 25-year history in cultivating, speaking, writing and consulting in no-till and cover-crops, which is the reason why our products are so great. 

Megan's husband Matt is the owner of Big Picture Studio, and is Marketing and Creative Director for our brands. He develops the visuals and language to bring our company to life and delivered to you. 


Steve & Cheri have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren, so Cheri knows momming AND grand-momming! 

The Groff's entire family and even extended family are involved in our experience, too! Cheri's mom, Esther, helps with everything that's needed to get done. Their oldest son David is now the 4th generation farmer. His wife Naomi helps with order fulfillment and is a Mom, too! 

Matt & Megan are parents to a VERY active 8-year old son. Their family's story weaves through foster-care and adoption. 


All that to say: 
When you connect with Cedar Meadow Mom (and Cedar Meadow Farm), you're linking arms with active families, best-in-class American Farming, the Lancaster, PA community AND moms in the truest sense of the word.  

Matt, Gabriel & Megan (left), Cheri & Steve (right)  


A Message from our Cedar Meadow Moms!